Social Psychology

Underestimated the Environmental Influence

I was asked about how one could identify his true self. Despite the paradigm shift, psychology fellows generally believe that individuals tend to behave situationally based on the context.

Let’s see this example. To compare the poor Cinderella sweeping floor at home obediently with the elegant and attractive beauty she presented in the grand ball. Even the love-struck Prince couldn’t recognize the ordinary Cinderella at first glance when he was looking for the owner of the glass slipper at her home. This fairy tale suggested how we could differently behave in diverse context, such as Cinderella was timid at home but charming in the grand ball, in addition, how our perception could be influenced by the environment, for instance, the Prince failed to single Cinderella out under different circumstances.

It may be the reason why Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher and novelist, said human could not be extricated from environment which formed and decided our plausible acts. To investigate how the present of others may influence people under varied conditions, social psychology applies scientific studies by conducting experiments or filling out psychometric scales to try to have a better understanding of human behaviours.

By observing our own acts, we do behave differently when we hang around with parents, lovers, friends, colleagues, clients or acquaintances. If our behaviours are situational, do we really have true self?



3 thoughts on “Underestimated the Environmental Influence

  1. 人靠衣裳馬靠鞍。


    P.S. 一個兩歲的小朋友已經懂得在不同環境之下,做出不同個性。 係陌生地方扮嗮乖。XD


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